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I’m Anthony Permaye, also known as the “Language Chameleon,” and I’m thrilled to take you on an extraordinary journey through languages and cultures.

Get ready to unlock new horizons, broaden your perspectives, and experience the magic of communication across borders.

Join me as we embark on this language adventure together, where language is not just a skill but a doorway to limitless possibilities.

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Join me on an extraordinary language-learning odyssey as I embark on the groundbreaking “12 Languages 12 Months” documentary.

This linguistic adventure will take you to diverse corners of the world, exploring 12 captivating languages and cultures. Be a part of this transformative journey and consider becoming a sponsor to support our mission.

By breaking barriers and redefining language learning experiences, I’m determined to shape the future of language education.


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My Story!

I’m Anthony Permaye, but you can call me the “Language Chameleon.” Let me share a little bit about my language-learning journey with you.

Growing up in a diverse and multicultural environment, I’ve always been fascinated by languages and their power to connect people from different cultures. As a teacher in a middle school in Beijing, China, I had the incredible opportunity to witness firsthand how language education can transform lives. It was during this time that I realized the untapped potential and the sheer joy of learning new languages. That’s when the idea struck me – why not embark on a groundbreaking adventure to uncover hidden languages and cultures?

And that’s exactly what I’m doing with my ambitious project, “12 LANGUAGES 12 MONTHS.” This linguistic odyssey will take me on a whirlwind journey, studying one language each month for an entire year, in twelve different countries. I’ll immerse myself in the local cultures, learn how to read, write, and speak these languages, and document the whole process for all language enthusiasts to see.

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Kevin, USA ...

Having Anthony as a language coach really helped open my eyes that language learning can be fun. Learning was outside the box, which made it a pleasure to continue. His detailed schedule made sure there everything was done clearly, and also made sure the language learning was progressing and would make any necessary changes needed. He always has the best intention of the student effectively learning, which is key.

Rilla, China ...

Anthony's kindness, persistence, and energy are contagious. As a language teacher, he has been learning different languages, which is very motivating for his students. He is not only a great role model but also a nice friend for students. It was my pleasure to be one of his students!

David, China ...

Anthony was my language teacher in high school. I can always pay attention in his class. This is due to his unique teaching style. Anthony is the best language teacher I have ever met. His classes are lively and interesting, and every student in the class has the opportunity to express their ideas. In terms of reviewing assessments, Anthony has a very precise grasp of every deduction point and scoring point. Whether the feedback of each assessment is soft copy or hard copy document, there are always dense feedback next to the article. Moreover, the reasons for each piece of feedback and the places that need to be modified are very simple and easy to understand. Anthony calls himself a language chameleon, and he is. At the parent meeting when he was teaching in our school as a language teacher, he was the only foreign teacher who didn't need a Chinese interpreter. We communicate in Chinese after class and there is no language barrier. I often see him learning different languages at the same time in the daily life he shared on WeChat, which I admire a lot. Although he only taught me for a year, it was a lifelong honor to be his student.

Brody, China ...

As a language teacher and scholar, your passion and talent are unparalleled. Not only are you fluent in French, English, and Chinese, but you are also diligently studying languages like Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese. Your versatility and love for learning have left an indelible impression on us. Every class with you feels like the opening of a new door to the world. You are not only our mentor but also our companion and role model on this learning journey. We deeply appreciate everything you have done for us and hope that you become a 'master of languages’.

Yuson, China (School Principal) ...

Anthony’s class is just amazing! We always feel so inspired after attending his lectures. He’s such a dedicated teacher and puts so much effort into preparing for each class, even on weekends. It’s no wonder why he’s so popular among the students. He feels like one of our friends!”This is the students' comments. Anthony is a genius in language learning. He encourages his students to learn English harder by learning other languages. Anthony facilitates a vibrant and focused learning environment in the classroom. His lessons are meticulously planned and delivered, encouraging active participation and a love for learning among their students. His assessments reflect the curriculum, providing students with abundant opportunities for self-reflection and peer observation. The structure of Anthony’s lessons is exceptional. They are adept at communicating learning objectives clearly and concisely, ensuring students understand what is expected of them. Anthony’s ability to manage time efficiently is remarkable, ensuring a seamless flow of lessons. Anthony has demonstrated creativity by incorporating blended elements into his classes, creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.

Mike, China ...

Mr. P is a friendly and responsible language teacher who focus on the the study of his students, and he could manage the teaching progress very well. What is more, he is also a humorous and outgoing teacher, who often tells some jokes and shares his experiences with his student to enhance their interest in class. In that case, the relationship between his students and him is very harmonious.

Lisa, China ...

Anthony is not only a leader in our learning but also subtly changes the way students think. If you've ever been in one of Anthony's language classes, words aren't that boring; It can be vivid, it can be varied. This is not only because of Anthony's colourful teaching style but also because of his wholehearted, unexpecting dedication to making the knowledge remembered in a faster and more flexible way by treating students with patience and responsibility. Anthony provides high-quality learning content when teaching language during the classes and gives students sufficient opportunities for independent exploration in the whole teaching process so as to learn and improve in activities. The variety of learning methods and teaching reduces the difficulty of learning and improves the efficiency of learning. The mathematics thought method has been fully penetrated, and the student's learning ability and learning quality can be further improved. In times of confusion, Anthony finds ways to make students think and feel confident and inspired. He is an admirable teacher and a leader on the way to learning.

Iris, China ...

I am Iris, and I had the privilege of learning English with Anthony. I was truly impressed by Anthony 's innovative teaching methods. Their interactive approach made learning English enjoyable and engaging. Under Anthony's guidance, my english skills improved significantly. From struggling with basic phrases to confidently expressing myself, I saw remarkable growth. I remember that my English level was at the beginning when I decided to learn from him. Until now I can speak fluently with foreigners during my work and life. What sets Anthony apart is their unwavering support and encouragement. They were always there to address my doubts and boost my confidence. Learning with Anthony felt like a collaborative journey. The class environment was welcoming, fostering open discussions and a strong sense of community. I remember Anthony was going the extra mile to provide additional resources that catered to my learning style. It's evident that they genuinely care about their students' progress. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Anthony to anyone seeking to learn all languages. Their expertise and passion are truly unmatched. I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned under Anthony 's guidance. Thank you for making my language learning journey so enriching.

Cathie, Philippines ...

Like every student my age, I did not appreciate my English classes. That changed when I went to grade 10 with a new teacher. Anthony did not give us any pressure to speak or participate, but we could not enjoy the class without speaking. He made it simple to share our ideas and our opinions and even to debate. The topics he introduced in class were interesting and relatable. We worked in teams and we were able to learn from each other. We made mistakes, but we didn’t care because we had the same goal. We wanted to show other teams what we knew. Anthony gave us the confidence to be silly and discover our own strengths, and taught us that we can be our normal selves and enjoy school. He inspired us to find out more about other cultures, music, & history, and aspire to communicate without the fear of making mistakes.