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Calling All Struggling Language Learners: Introducing The Chameleon Concept By Language Chameleon

This Is Your Chance To Overcome Your Fears, Get Past Technical Difficulties & Become Fluent In Any Language

Are You Making This Mistake?

When it comes to language learning, you may find yourself drowning in hundreds of questions. Where do I start? What materials should I invest in? Should I work with a tutor or join a class?

Instead of wasting your time and money on all these topics, it’s time to focus on what matters the most; how you can actually learn a language and be confident in speaking it for the rest of your life.

Take Control Of Your Language Learning Journey

Chameleon Concept is a comprehensive video course offering the foundation training your brain needs to learn a new language the way it is supposed to, not the way tutors or established learning systems suggest.

It is a valuable program that will equip you with the tools and methods to dive into new languages and gain the confidence to speak them anytime, anywhere.

Made By A Seasoned Neuro-Language Coach

Chameleon Concept is created by Anthony Permaye, a neuro-language coach with years of experience in learning and teaching languages to students from across the globe.

Leveraging all this knowledge and expertise, the coach has developed a multi-faceted course that caters to everyone’s learning needs.

Discover Your Learning Profile

Identifying who you are as a learner is the first and most significant step in getting familiar with a new language.

Learn What Study Material To Use

Access valuable information on the materials you should invest in to facilitate the language learning process.

Carve A Study Plan & Achieve Fluency

Make the most of your study materials, leverage your dead moments, and take full advantage of passive and active learning to become fluent in any language. 

Pave Your Way To A Brighter Future

Languages give you the power to travel, study, and work wherever you dream while meeting new cultures and communicating with new people.

This value-adding course will help you learn any language in an efficient and fun way so you can conquer a skill that will keep on giving.

Everything You Need In One
Game-Changing Course:

Course Breakdown

EPISODE 1: Motivation assessment and different reasons to learn.

EPISODE 2: Assess your current knowledge of the language.

EPISODE 3: Obstacles: What hurdles are stopping you from speaking the language of your dreams?

EPISODE 4: Anthony’s 3DLL method – Step 1: Profiling your learning type.

EPISODE 5: Language Learning Tools: What are they?

EPISODE 6: The Language Learning Journey.

EPISODE 7: How to learn any alphabet?

EPISODE 8: Master “Hanzi” (Chinese writing).

EPISODE 9: Be knowledgeable about the language DNA (and compare it to your own language).

EPISODE 10: Anthony’s 3DLL method – Step 2.1: The 1089-word conquest.

EPISODE 11: Anthony’s 3DLL method – Step 2.2: Familiarize yourself with your primary environment.

EPISODE 12: Anthony’s 3DLL method – Step 2.3: Familiarize yourself with your secondary environment.

EPISODE 13: Familiarizing your primary & secondary environment: Level ‘Medium’

EPISODE 14: Familiarizing your primary & secondary environment: Level ‘Hard’

EPISODE 15: Anthony’s 3DLL method – Step 3: Designing a suitable study plan.

EPISODE 16: How to boost your memory and keep your brain fit and healthy.

EPISODE 17: Different memorization techniques.

EPISODE 18: Study Anywhere, Get Somewhere: Dig the “Dead Moments” out of your schedule!

EPISODE 19: Look for one or more “Language Snitches”.

EPISODE 20: Take a “Leap of Faith”: Situational learning.

EPISODE 21: Balancing your multiple language learning tools.

EPISODE 22: Learn through singing.

EPISODE 23: Learn through TV series.

EPISODE 24: Multiple language learning: How does it work?

EPISODE 25: Extra tips to spice up your learning experience.

EPISODE 26: Learn from my mistakes: Systematic and effective learning.

EPISODE 27: Language learning & self-discipline

EPISODE 28: Be your own teacher: Be accountable for your learning.

EPISODE 29: Cultural Intelligence: Language & culture are twins, never forget it!



Chameleon Concept

… will equip you with the sufficient language learning intelligence that any language learner, young or adult, should possess.

This is a paramount soft skill that will determine whether you get a job over someone else, that university offer, or whether you get that expat status or not.


Invest In A Fuss-Free & Easy-To-Follow Learning Regimen

You don’t have to be a language genius to follow this course. You don’t need specialized equipment, software, or previous experience either.

Chameleon Concept is designed to help all learners perfect their language learning skills using easy-to-source, inexpensive equipment.

Client Case Study: Mike, China

Mr. P is a friendly and responsible language teacher who focus on the the study of his students, and he could manage the teaching progress very well. What is more, he is also a humorous and outgoing teacher, who often tells some jokes and shares his experiences with his student to enhance their interest in class. In that case, the relationship between his students and him is very harmonious.

Client Case Study: Rilla, China

Anthony’s kindness, persistence, and energy are contagious. As a language teacher, he has been learning different languages, which is very motivating for his students. He is not only a great role model but also a nice friend for students. It was my pleasure to be one of his students! 

Client Case Study: Kevin, USA

Having Anthony as a language coach really helped open my eyes that language learning can be fun.  Learning was outside the box, which made it a pleasure to continue.  His detailed schedule made sure there everything was done clearly, and also made sure the language learning was progressing and would make any necessary changes needed.   He always has the best intention of the student effectively learning, which is key.

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